Cloud Based

INCITE works on PC, Mac, or a tablet and syncs all of the data in cloud so you can access it using multiple systems. INCITE allows unparalleled collaboration.

Sales Entry and Tracking

INCITE offers the easiest and simplest way for your front line teams to enter and retain their sales data. No training necessary, its that simple.

Operations Management

INCITE allows you to manage business critical retail operations. Our intuitive platform allows your frontline teams to collaborate.

Beyond Metrics

INCITE utilizes wide range of reporting and metrics to help consistently measure and plan your business. INCITE does not stop with basic retail metrics.

HR and Time Clock

INCITE offers key HR functions with up to date reporting. Your teams always have access to critical HR resources and a go to for process and procedures.

Unrivaled, all-in-one Retail Solution

INCITEretail is an advanced solution that enables retailers to efficiently manage frontline and back office at the same time. INCITEretail is packed with functionality to optimize day to day sales and operations of the business while removing tedious outdated manual processes. INCITEretail works on multiple platforms allowing your teams in stores, on the field, as well as backend operations to collaborate within one system. Go ahead, let your sales and operations processes help you become the best in class.

Culture Maximized

INCITEretail helps you maintain your organizational culture. More than just a instrument for your organizations benefit, INCITE will keep your teams engaged collectively. What sets INCITE apart is the ability to bring everyone together and allow them to directly collaborate creating a ONE experience.

Seamless Onboarding

INCITEretail allows your teams to integrate existing processes without having to re-learn systems. One of the benefits that sets INCITE apart is the ability for several departments to collaborate on sales and operational needs. This goes for every department and reporting needs of your business.

Untie Yourself

INCITEretail works on multiple platforms and does not require specific hardware for functionality allowing you to save time and money. Unlike some of the systems where you have to buy their stuff, INCITE is tailored for usage on multiple platforms and does not tie you down.

Very Scalable

INCITEretail provides solutions for retailers from just 25 locations all the way up to 2500 franchisee stores and more. Whether your business is just taking off or you’re a seasoned retailer, INCITE will work for you regardless of your door and employee count.

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